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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
03/21/16See invite Senator Ted Cruz (R, TX) Dr. Christine Warnke, Ira Mitzner, Janet and Jeff Beck, Desi and Max Blankfeld, Devorah and Saul Gamoran, Sharone and Jonathan Greenberg, Batya and Ben Klein, Leora and Steve Levy, Stephanie and Steven Mitzner, Manuel Rajunov, Katherine and Andy Schultz, Bonnie and Matthew Siegel, Shelly and Barbara Stein, Trudy and Stanley Stern, Elissa and Edward Czuker Reception Clyde's of Gallery Place (707 7th Street NW, Washington )
01/30/14See invite Andy Shallal (D, ) Dr. Christine Warnke, Peter Yarrow, Rufus Cappadocia Evening of music and celebration The Home of Christine Warnke (3014 New Mexico Ave)
08/01/12See invite Rep. Martin Heinrich (D, NM-1) Andy Dodson, Rob Griner, Don Auerbach, Dr. Christine Warnke, Matt Sulkala, Amy Tejral, Phil Bangert, Andy Barbour, Jim Wise, Jeanne Slade, John Buscher, Richard Sullivan, Chris Long, Beau Schuyler, Kim Zimmerman, Josh Raymond, Mary Beth Stanton, Dan Tate, Mike Smith, Linda Lingle, Jonathan Jones, Chris Scribner, Brian Adkins, Cristina Antelow, Mike Hacker, Michael Matlack, Melanie Nathanson, Dan Perez, Andy Vermilye, Corry Westbrook Reception Benefiting Hon. Martin Heinrich Cava Mezze Restaurant (527 8th Street SE)
03/15/11See invite Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D, MN) Dr. Christine Warnke, Susan Platt, Claudia James, Barbara Kennelly, Linda Lipsen, Marda Robillard, Lisa Kountoupes, Nancy Zirkin, Kim Bayliss, Linda Hall Daschle, Edie Fraser, Joy Howell, Laurie Knight, Cathy Sloan, Agnes Williams, Susan Buck Women's Breakfast The Offices of McGuire Woods (2001 K Street NW Suite 400)
04/27/10See invite Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D, MD) Dr. Christine Warnke, Morton Funger, Norma Lee Funger, Nancy Zirkin Politics, Policy & Pins Hotel Monaco Washington DC (700 F Street NW)
06/18/08See invite Jane Mitakides (D, OH-3) Ambassador Patrick Theros, Timothy Maniatis, Greek PAC, Nick Langakis, Dr. Christine Warnke Event The Home of Christine Warnke (3014 New Mexico Ave)