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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
03/21/16See invite Senator Ted Cruz (R, TX) Dr. Christine Warnke, Ira Mitzner, Janet and Jeff Beck, Desi and Max Blankfeld, Devorah and Saul Gamoran, Sharone and Jonathan Greenberg, Batya and Ben Klein, Leora and Steve Levy, Stephanie and Steven Mitzner, Manuel Rajunov, Katherine and Andy Schultz, Bonnie and Matthew Siegel, Shelly and Barbara Stein, Trudy and Stanley Stern, Elissa and Edward Czuker Reception Clyde's of Gallery Place (707 7th Street NW, Washington )
06/30/15See invite Senator Ted Cruz (R, TX) Windi Grimes, Cristina and George Fowler, Kim and Robert Marling, Stephanie and Steven Mitzner, Elaine and Hal Lambert, Veronica and Doug Atnipp, Marcella and Steve Burke, Elizabeth McIngvale-Cegelski, Cathy and Alex Cranberg, Zina and Glenn Cowan, Kaye and Gary Goolsby, Dr. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, Kathaleen Wall and Holly Frost, Theodore H. Frank, Geyer Dybesland, Brittney and Taylor Dio, Lisa and Al Hartman, Allyson and Jim Ho, Marian and Willie Langston, Alice and J.W. Lodge, Janet and John Lodge, Molly and Miles Marks, Suzanne and Brian Marshall, Macy and Mayes Middleton, Mindy and Ira Mitzner, Melissa and Matt Morris, Hon. Mica Mosbacher, Billi Jean and Terence Murphree, Shelly and Jonathan Newton, Debbie and Steve Pfeifer, Sandy and Randy Rainey, Sophie and Mike Rydin, Tracy and Gary Stein, Katie and Aaron Streett, Jennifer and Will VanLoh, Lynne and Jeff Voncannon, Stacy and John Wilkierson, Lee Zieben, Lisa and Christopher Zook Fundraising Bash Warehouse Live (813 St Emanuel St, Houston)
03/31/15See invite Ted Cruz for President (Ted Cruz) Charles Eskridge, Steve Burke, Mica Mosbacher, Ira Mitzner, Steven Mitzner, Allyson Ho, Marcella Burke, Stephen Cox, Windi Grimes, Devinder Bhatia, Gina Bhatia, Catherine Cameron, Dougal Cameron, Ashley Coolidge, Dave Coolidge, Cristina Cox, Anne Edwards, Brady Edwards, Jim Ho, Debbie Hurwitz, Shawn Hurwitz, Marian Langston, Willie Langston, Janet Lodge, John Lodge, Beth Looser, Greg Looser, Miles Marks, Molly Marks, Kim Marling, Robert Marling, Kate McNair, Cary McNair, Mindy Mintzner, Stephanie Mintzner, Terence Murphree, Billi Jean Murphree, David Peacock, Debbie Pfeifer, Steve Pfeifer, Ellen Rutherford, John Rutherford, Teri Straus, Lee Straus, Katie Street, Aaron Street, Jennifer Vanloh, Wil Vanloh, Lynn Vongannon, Jeff Vongannon, Graham Whaling, Stacy Wilkinson, John Wilkinson Fundraising reception Goode's Armadillo Place (5015 Kirby Drive, Houston)
09/26/11See invite Mitt Romney (R, ) Wayne Berman, Fred Zeidman, Raanan Agus, Bruce Bialosky , Joe Cayre, Joseph Chehebar, Dr. Ben Chouake, Lew Eisenberg , David Flaum, Ambassador Sam Fox, Lance Hirt, Roy Katzovicz, Shelley Kamins, Randy Levine, Marc Lipschultz , David Lobel, Jason Lyons, Ira Mitzner, NORPAC, Steven Price, Philip Rosen, Ambassador Mel Sembler, Diane Sembler-Kamins, Ambassador Ned L. Siegel, Stephanie Siegel, Hon. Cliff Sobel, Donna Sternberg, Eric Tanenblatt, C. Howard Wietschner, Loren Flaum, Steven Mitzner, Justin M. Siegel, Jay Zeidman, Jewish Leadership Team Evening Reception Offices of Philip Rosen, Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP (767 Fifth Avenue (at 58th Street), New York City )