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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
04/16/15See invite Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III (D, MA-04) Kip O'Neill, Martha Casey, Andy Athy, Ocean Spray Cranberries PAC, Barbara Sutton Breakfast Cassidy & Associates (733 10th St., NW)
09/24/12See invite Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D, RI) Jim Free, Kip O'Neill, Realtors PAC, Sandi Stuart, USTelecom, ESOP PAC, Aflac PAC, Lloyd Hand, Intuit, Time Warner PAC, Larry O'Brien, PCI Property Casualty Insurers PAC, Melinda Maxfield, Brian Coyne, Don Sweitzer, Nelson Cunningham, Liz Barratt-Brown, Wendy Benchley, Thomas Fay, John Jeppson, Dane Nichols, Andy Athy, Lily Chu, Gerry Weaver, William Emmet, Caragh Fay, Nancy Folger, Jay Ghazal, Marla Grossman, Ted Hack, Sheldon Harris, Lane Heard, Elizabeth Holmes, Tom Hughes, Paul Ignatius, Annie Kaplan, Nick Lapham, Gardiner Lapham, Antonina Markoff, Michele Markoff, Rich Tarplin, Heidi Wagner Rooftop Reception Rooftop of the Glover Park Group (1025 F Street, NW)
04/21/10See invite Sen. John Kerry (D, MA) Kip O'Neill, Martha Casey, Andrew Athy, Rachel Welch, Andrew Reinsdorf Breakfast Charlie Palmer Steak (101 Constitution Ave NW)
06/24/08See invite Rep. Tom Allen (D, ME-1) Len Bickwit, Carol Browner, John Chase, Jeff Lawrence, Tom Downey, Robert Hoopes, Kip O'Neill Reception The Home of Tom Downey and Carol Browner (1750 16th Street NW #83)