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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
03/16/17See invite Rep. Linda Sanchez (D, CA-39) Sam DePoy, Tom Koonce, Lyndon Boozer, Chris Long, Libby Greer, Josh Hurvitz, Meghan Johnson, Laurie Knight, Gregg Sheiowitz, Adam Brand, Jose Ceballos, Michelle Mathy, Mike Mattoon, Reily O'Connor March Madness Viewing Party Hawk & Dove (329 Pennsylvania Ave, SE)
03/23/16See invite Candidate Randy Perkins (D, FL-18) John Michael Gonzalez, Libby Greer, Tom O'Donnell, Jonathan Mantz, Maya Seiden, Josh Lamel Lunch Oracle Townhouse (27 D Street SE)
09/24/15See invite Rep. Baron Hill (D, IN-9) Jeff Murray, Lyndon Boozer, Chuck Brain, Libby Greer, Mary Beth Stanton, Penny Farthing, Linda Daschle, Alan Roth, Ryan Guthrie, Stefan Bailey, Jay Potesta, Brad Queisser, Joel Riethmiller, Jessica Woolley Reception in support of Baron P. Hill 101 Constitution Ave, NW Suite 500 West (101 Constitution Ave, NW Suite 500 West)
07/26/12See invite Rep. Candidate Hayden Rogers (D, NC-11) Jeff Murray, Beau Schuyler, Libby Greer, Stacey Alexander, Drew Goesl, Jed Bhuta, Ryan Guthrie, Vickie Walling Lunch Hill Country BBQ (410 7th Street NW)
06/23/11See invite Rep. Terrycina Andrea Sewell (D, AL-07) William Kirk, Joyce Brayboy, Aquila Powell, Nicole Venable, Katreice Banks, Isaac Fordjour, Jarvis Stewart, Libby Greer, Dontai Smalls, Jesse Price, Kimberly Stephens, Reed Stephens Young Professionals Happy Hour Good Stuff Eatery (303 Pennsylvania Ave SE)
09/21/10See invite Rep. Glenn Nye (D, VA-2) Jamie Pericola, Libby Greer, Andy Rosenberg, Sohini Gupta, Stephanie Lundberg, Laura Harper Winters Evening with band The Eastern Shore Boys Top of the Hill (319 Pennsylvannia Ave SE)
06/03/09See invite Rep. John Barrow (D, GA-12) Eli Joseph, Libby Greer, Mathew Sulkala, Anne Wilson, Merck & Co. Inc. Pharmaceutical Meet and Greet Breakfast 601 Pennsylvania Ave NW North Building, Suite 1200