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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
12/04/14See invite Tampa City Coun Yvonne Yolie Capin Mark Anderson, Mark Dion, Bob Clark, Del Acosta, Keith Bucklew, Bill Carlson, Albert A. Fox Jr., Richard Gonzmart, Norma Gene Lykes, Katherine O'Donniley, Jim Porter, Linda Saul Sena, Mark Sena, Sam Shah, David Singer, Hon. David A. Straz Jr., Loma Taylor Cocktail Reception Home of Tom Hall & Ken Jewett (5215 South Nichol St., Tampa)
10/04/12See invite Rep. Jay Inslee (D, WA-1) Gene Karpinski, Mark Anderson, Jim Wise, Brian Peters, Fred Humphries, Matt Butler, Tracy Nagelbush, Nick Shipley, Megan Eldman, Jim Gilmore, Dale Learn, Sage Learn, Tom Matzzie, Ari Neumann, Colm O'Comartun, Phil Radford, Manny Rouvelas, Len Simon, Jared Weaver Reception Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center (901 K St NW)
10/06/10See invite Sharron E. Angle (R, NV) Kirsten Chadwick, Cesar Conda, Smitty Davis, David Norcross, Barney Skladany, Mark Anderson, Amy Swonger, Lauch Faircloth , Tim Powers, Bill Paxon, Missy Edwards, Jade West, Jennifer Larkin Lukawski, Mary-Lacey Reuther, Dirk Vandongen, Jim Martin, Paul Hatch Luncheon National Republican Senatorial Committee (425 2nd Street NE)
09/28/10See invite ROSKAM PAC (Peter Roskam (R, IL-6)) Mark Anderson, Yong Choe, Denise Henry, Colleen Holmes, Allen Martin Cocktails and Dinner Ruth's Chris Steak House (724 9th Street NW)
03/24/10See invite Rep. Roy Blunt (R, MO-7) Craig Felner, Marilyn Harris, David Gilbert, John Pemberton, Mark Anderson, John Eichberger, Donn Salvosa, Robbie Aiken, Mark D. Boudreaux, Dan Fager Reception and Dinner Ceiba (701 14th Street NW)
10/26/09See invite Rep. George Radanovich (R, CA-19) Mark Anderson, Rick Carter, Polly Gault, Jessica Hogle, Maurie Dugger Cocktails and Dinner Fogo De Chao (1101 Pennsylvania Ave NW)
06/17/09See invite Rep. Roy Blunt (R, MO-7) Craig Felner, John Pemberton, Mark Anderson, John Eichberger, Donn Salvosa, Rob McDonald, Susan Molinari, David Gillbert Reception and Dinner Ruth's Chris Steak House (724 9th Street NW)
04/23/09See invite Rep. Roy Blunt (R, MO-7) Sam Geduldig, Mark Anderson, Roy Coffee, Dave DiStefano, Joe Wall Breakfast Rooftop of Locke Lord Strategies (401 9th Street NW Suite 400 South)
06/24/08See invite Rely on Your Beliefs (ROYB) Fund (Roy Blunt) Craig Felner, David Gilbert, John Pemberton, Mark Anderson, John Eichberger, Fred Palmer, Joe Power, Donn Salvosa Dinner Johnny's Half Shell (400 North Capitol Street NW)
04/29/08See invite Rep. Rob Wittman (R, VA-1) Mark Anderson, Kelly Chapman Natural Resources Meet and Greet The Capitol Hill Club (300 First Street SE)
06/20/07See invite Mitt Romney (R, ) Mark Anderson, Susan Gilbert, Paul Gilbert, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Wilford Cardon, Kevin DeMenna, David Hoefferle, John Perkinson, Dr. and Mrs. Paul and Heather Sandstrom, Debbie Forrest, Lee Hanley, Dave Johnson, Stacy and Parshelle Brimhall, Sandra and J. Merill Funk, Natalie and E.K. Gaylord II, Susan and R. Gordon Porter, Mary Ellen and Stan Porter, Holly and Jeff Whiteman, Linda and Cecil Ash, Fred Ash, Ann and Dennis Barney, Nicole and Denny Barney, Connie and Lothaire Bluth, Sonia and John Breslow, Jennifer and Carson Brown, Karen and Richard Gulbrandsen, Diana and Karl Hiatt, MD, Ryan Jesperson, Dena and Garron Jones, Sheila and Chris King, Jonathan Lindblom, Jerri and Mark Mabry, Ruth and Rex Maughan, Jedediah McClure, Gaylene and Michael Merchant, Trish and Michael Oliver, Pam and Steve Patience, Raquel and Paul D. Petersen, Janene and Ralph Pew, Lisa and Chris Randall, Marian and Randy Reidhead, Theora Shelley, Sharon and Gregory Slater, Carol and Glade Soelberg, Michelle and Brian Solomon, Stacy and Peter G. Thomas, Holly and Karl Tilleman, Carrie and Michael Tomlinson Reception Villa Siena (890 W. Elliott Road, Gilbert)