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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
03/16/17See invite Rep. Linda Sanchez (D, CA-39) Sam DePoy, Tom Koonce, Lyndon Boozer, Chris Long, Libby Greer, Josh Hurvitz, Meghan Johnson, Laurie Knight, Gregg Sheiowitz, Adam Brand, Jose Ceballos, Michelle Mathy, Mike Mattoon, Reily O'Connor March Madness Viewing Party Hawk & Dove (329 Pennsylvania Ave, SE)
05/11/16See invite Rep. Linda Sanchez (D, CA-39) Diageo PAC, Mary Beth Stanton, Tracy Spicer, Humana PAC, Kirk Freeman, Meghan Johnson, Joel Kopperud, Mike Matoon, BIOGEN PAC Cinco de Mayo Celebration Diageo Townhouse (310 Sixth Street, SE)
07/15/14See invite PAC to the Future (Nancy Pelosi) Dean Aguillen, Cindy Jimenez, Howard Moon, Daniele Baierlein, John Lawrence, Brian Wolff, Meghan Johnson, Arshi Siddiqui, Micaela Fernandez, Tom Manatos, Catlin O'Neill, Mike Sheehy Cocktail Reception Rosa Mexicano (575 7th Street NW)
07/27/10See invite Rep. Suzanne Kosmas (D, FL-24) Harmony Knutson, Vincent Roberti, Meghan Johnson Reception Offices of Navigators Global LLC (901 Seventh Street NW Second Floor)