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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
11/19/15See invite Gov. Chris Christie (R, NJ) Meg Whitman, Nick Loeb, Carole McNeil, Pam and Steve Eggert, Paul Martino, Mark and Karen McLaughlin, Jeff and Kellie Randle Fundraiser Home of Meg Whitman and Griff Harsh (Atherton, CA)
09/09/10See invite Rep. Dan Lungren (R, CA-3) Jerry Haleva, Karen Diepenbrock, Jack Diepenbrock, Pam Eggert, Steve Eggert, Carol Fowler, Rick Fowler, Nanette Fowler, Sheriff John McGinness, Gail Montna, Al Montna, Hon. Roberta MacGlashan, Hon. Susan Peters, Stuart L. Somach, Gregory Thatch, Paulette Trainor, Chuck Trainor, Nicole Van Vleck, Stan Van Vleck, Hon. Robbie Waters Reception Home of Katerina and Angelo G. Tsakopoulos (7380 Nob Hill Drive, Carmichael)
04/23/10See invite Cand. for Gover Meg Whitman (R, CA) Pam Eggert, Steve Eggert, Gail Montna, Al Montna, Dea & Ron Berberian, Tammi and Jay Adair, Kelly and Matt Arnaiz, Lisa and Michael Crete, Barbara and Tom Doucette, Cherie and George Gibson, Robbie and KR Hovatter, Chris and Dave Lucchetti, Darin and Ron Mittlestaedt, Scott D. Moore, Pacific Coast Producers, Paul Garcia Investments, Inc., Maggie and Herman Rowland, Sr., Swanson Farms, Vanir Construction Management, Inc., Patricia and Anthony Van Ruiten, Art Whitney, Karen and Richard Spencer Lunch The Stutter Club (1220 9 St, Sacramento)